The Solar Foundation is a national leader in solar workforce development.

Through high-impact capacity building initiatives, and robust solar labor market research, we share innovative resources and promote collaborative solutions to strengthen and diversify solar career pathways. This platform is administered by The Solar Foundation as a central resource for industry, education, workforce development partners, job seekers, and all stakeholders of the American solar workforce.

Veterans make outstanding candidates for solar careers

With strong leadership, teamwork and technical skills, veterans are a highly valuable source of talent as solar continues to lead job growth in the American energy sector.

Female American soldier in army combat uniform or ACU and patrol cap smiling.

The Solar Foundation leads initiatives to expand veteran solar career pathways and advance a nationwide pipeline of military talent into technical and leadership roles in the American solar workforce. With funding from the US Department of Energy, the Solar Ready Vets Network connects transitioning military service members and veterans of the US Armed Forces with solar industry career pathways.

The Solar Ready Vets

The Solar Ready Vets Network engages industry employers, certified training provides, veterans services organizations, and career development networks to meet solar workforce needs and expand solar career pathways for veterans.

Join the Solar Ready Vets Network to recruit veteran talent and stay up to date on training and employment opportunities across the solar industry

The Solar Ready Vets

Highly qualified transitioning service members are placed with solar employers for on-the-job experience in professional / management roles. Fellowships are intended to lead to employment, supporting a smooth transition from military service to the civilian solar workforce.

This program extends the successful Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program to the solar industry.